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Local tips (free, €6.99 iphone)

The quickest way to find schnitzel, apple strudel, etc. is with Austria's biggest tourism portal for the dining and hotel industry: contact details, picture galleries and maps of the individual locations provide additional assistance.

Language: German



Wien isst (full version, free for 30 days, then €5.49)

The more than 5,000 entries in this app give you a simple and quick overview of the city's restaurant scene. Find your favorite restaurant or a bar in your vicinity, and make a telephone reservation for your table direct via the app.

Languages: German, English



Shopikon (free)

Vienna coolest shops in an app - from tucked-away book stores to original designer shops, from boutiques to concept stores. With extensive offline content, route descriptions, photos and a number of extras, this app is a great buy for shopping enthusiasts!

Languages: English


Master Order (full version €1.99)

Enjoy real food despite the language barrier. Austrian meals, drinks and coffee with pictures and explanations to make ordering in bars and restaurants easier.
Languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian



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