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FLINK - Mobile WiFi hotspot

It’s really simple: Book online and provide a hotel or private address anywhere in Vienna. The mobile hotspot will be delivered there on your day of arrival by 8.00 am. It can be immediately connected to by a total of up to 10 smartphones, tablets or laptops. Making it an ideal arrangement for tour groups. Before departure, place the device in the return envelope provided and either hand in at reception or drop it into any postbox in Austria.

The total cost depends entirely on the rental term and includes unlimited surfing (no data limit) as well as the delivery and return charges. For example, three days costs a flat rate of €24.00 (pickup rate) per device. The mobile hotspots can be rented for between 1 and 14 days.

FLINK Hotspots can also be rented in Vienna at one of the partner operations, such the Tourist Information office of the Vienna Tourist Board at Albertinplatz. Upon expiration of the rental period, the device is returned to the rental point. This does away with postage costs for even better surfing value.

A support team can be contacted by email or phone to deal with any questions or problems. For more information, go to www.getflink.com

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