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Safely through the city

No Risk – More Fun!

Vienna's hotels have been open again since the end of May 2020. Accommodation providers are allowed to welcome their visitors again, in strict compliance with COVID-19 regulations. Stringent safety and hygiene rules were defined from the start.

Better safe than sorry

In cooperation with the Vienna Tourist Board, the Vienna Economic Chambers have therefore now developed the "Safe Stay" safety seal in order to support the accommodation providers with the implementation of higher safety and quality standards. An in-house COVID-19 officer and regular checks of employees are just a few of the measures. An all-round carefree package that ensures you can really relax in the designated hotels across the city (look out for the poster at the hotel entrance!). The list of lodgings lets you find out in advance which accommodation establishments have been awarded the Safe Stay safety seal.

What's more, Vienna is now part of the "Safe Travels" initiative of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The WTTC is a forum for the world travel and tourism industry and works towards the sustainable and integrated growth of tourism. The "Safe Travels" label was developed by the WTTC in cooperation with its members, health experts, and the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) as the world's first global safety seal for the travel and tourism sector, specifically to combat COVID-19.

The Vienna Tourist Board and all three Tourist Info locations in Vienna bear the "Safe Travels" seal.

You can find more information (including on how tourism businesses can participate) on our B2B website.

You can find information about the "Safe Stay" seal on the website of the Vienna Economic Chambers.

Safety and hygiene stamp "Safe Travels"
The 'Safe Travels' initiative was set up by the World Travel & Tourism Council. © WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council)
Safe Stay Logo
The Vienna Economic Chambers and the Vienna Tourist Board developed the 'Safe Stay' seal. © Wirtschaftskammer Österreich & WienTourismus

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