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Lobby at Hotel Sacher red couch
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Ten Questions for Nikola Farkas

  • Nikola, what made you choose a career as a receptionist when you were starting out?

The direct interaction with guests. Working with people from different countries and cultures.

  • What does a receptionist need to bring to the role?

You have to be able to put yourself in the guest’s shoes, and learn to anticipate their wishes. And if things aren’t running smoothly: keep a cool head and put a smile on the guest’s face!

  • What sets the World’s Best Receptionist apart?

Taking time to engage with each guest, individualizing everything you do and “reading” the guest – these are the hallmarks of an outstanding receptionist.

  • What is the ideal guest like?

Every guest is ideal. It’s having to respond to different needs that makes my job so interesting.

  • Your most memorable guest...?

Guests who get in touch once they have returned home to say thank you for an unforgettable stay.

  • What is it that visitors to Vienna ask you most?

Many are interested in the hotel’s history, and tips on what to do in their free time. I also get asked the way to Vienna State Opera a lot, which is directly opposite.

  • Where do you send visitors who are looking for something less well-known in Vienna?

To the Wotruba Church church in the 23rd district. Many people associate Vienna with imperial grandeur, but the modern sights are equally worth seeing.

  • What is your personal favorite spot in Vienna?

Schönbrunn and the Gloriette.

  • What is your restaurant tip if people ask you about Viennese cuisine?

“Wiener” in the seventh district, a real Viennese insider tip.

  • How often do you eat the Original Sacher Torte?

Once a month, at least. It is a treat that is impossible to resist, but you have to if you are so close to the source!

Interview: Anna Maltschnig

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