Rickshaw with passengers on Heldenplatz

Rickshaw service in Vienna

The vehicles offer space for two people and hand luggage. The rickshaw's canopy protects the occupants against the sun and rain.

"Velocityline" invites locals and visitors to explore the city in a new way. There are currently 20 rickshaws in use on various routes in Vienna city center. Special rides are available on request. A 20-minute ride costs €28.00.

After a hard day's shopping experience, shopping fans will appreciate another service: the ride to the nearest subway station costs €3.00 per kilometer.

"Faxi" (bicycle taxi) operates 12 rickshaws in Vienna. A ride to any destination within the first district costs €10.00. For other routes, such as to Schönbrunn Palace or the Central Cemetery, the cost is €49.00 per hour plus arrival and departure costs.

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