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Top positions for Vienna in the TripAdvisor city ranking

In its annual survey, the online portal also asked 54,000 travelers who had recently rated a hotel, restaurant or attraction on the world’s biggest travel website “TripAdvisor” to provide an evaluation of the cities they visited.

Vienna scored highest in the areas of Safety, Transport and Cultural Offering, and  came sixth in the overall ranking of 37 world cities , behind Tokyo, New York City, Barcelona, Istanbul and Prague.

The city performed especially well in the following individual categories: Vienna was voted into 1st place in 2013 (2nd place in the previous year) when it comes to getting around in the city, and into 2nd place behind Tokyo for public local transport. Vienna’s cultural offering also comes in 2nd place – only behind that of the “Eternal City” Rome. In terms of safety for single travelers, Vienna also secured a place on the podium, taking 3rd place behind Singapore and Tokyo. Users ranked the city fourth for family friendliness (behind Stockholm, Singapore and Copenhagen) and cleanliness (behind Tokyo, Singapore and Berlin).

TripAdvisor City Survey

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