The Vienna Journal digital issue

Learn about the famous Schönbrunn Palace as well as other less well-known fairytale castles of the city or dive into contemporary art and music in the article “Best of Contemporary”.

We also provide a look at the new generation of fashion designers and inside the cake bakeries of Vienna. A foray through the Vienna Symphonic Library and a look back at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest shows that Vienna is the world capital of music.

Night-owls as well as fans of art and classical music will find the latest event tips and recommendations. Event locations are pinpointed on integrated maps, additional photographic material and videos show the city’s diversity. The digital issue has an accessible design and a font enlargement function. It offers further links and comes with clear and simple navigation for easy operation.

Get your digital 2016 Vienna Journal in German or English free on your tablet or smartphone and share it with your friends on Facebook.

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