Gay and lesbian Vienna

Vienna truly is the world capital of music, and it is host to some of the most exquisite museums in the world. And yes, the city is also known for its distinct coffee culture and imperial nostalgia.

In addition to all this, Vienna also has, in fact, a sizeable gay and lesbian scene: from queer café to cocktail bar, from lesbian restaurant to leather place, from bathhouse to dance club, it is all there.

But even beyond the obvious gay and lesbian places, Vienna is queerer than meets the eye. For centuries homosexuals have left their distinctive marks in Austrian arts and politics, sometimes subtle, yet noticeable. And many a visitor today is suddenly confronted with the whole truth about the personality of that special historic figure: “Yes, he was too!”

So don’t be surprised to find that — apart from the gay and lesbian scene — Vienna holds a colorful range of cultural and culinary pleasures, of delightful shops and curious delights.

Whether queer or queerer: Vienna - Now or Never!


The new "Gay & Lesbian Guide" (48 pages in German and English) provides scene, shopping and event tips as well as information on gay and lesbian nightlife.

You can download your copy of the Gay & Lesbian Guide for Vienna here


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