Gay male couple shopping on Graben
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Gay "Wedding celebration" in Vienna

Marriage will be available to everyone in Austria from not later than 1 January 2019. Which means that same-sex couples will also be able to get married from this date.

Lesbian and gay couples can tie the knot for life at many locations in Vienna. Like for heterosexual couples, museums (e.g. the Albertina, Kunst Haus) or the former imperial residence of the Imperial Palace are available for the "partnering" or for the celebratory presentation of the partnership document. Those looking for something more simple can also register their partnership at the registry office.

Registration is possible for all (adult) Austrians, as well as for homosexuals from abroad. Required for this is proof of citizenship, residence abroad and marital status as well as various other documents, depending on the country of origin. Detailed information can be found on the website of the City of Vienna. A sworn interpreter must be called in if the registrants have inadequate German language skills. The most important thing: The registered partnership will be recognized in all countries where registered partnerships are allowed by law.

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