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Parties and Clubs

The Why Not opens its doors each Friday and Saturday. The relatively small downtown gay club has been around for many years. It still busts out of its seams each weekend. Expect a hot night on the dance floor where all the popular house and dance hits are playing.

"Occident meets Orient and Poland is there too", is how organiser, Sabrina Andersrum, sums up her monthly Balkan clubbing BallCanCan. The criss-cross mixture of guests dance to Balkan-Pop and Turbo-Folk.

Vienna has its first Bear & Butch club in the form of the Pitbull. Since its opening in 2009, the Pitbull team has provided sweat-producing beats for that pure testosterone rush.

G.Spot. The party that is held on a monthly basis is aimed at lesbians as well as gays and offers changing musical emphases, such as Electronic, House, Tribal, Techno and others; a welcome alternative to the gay and lesbian disco routine. 

queer:beat. Gays, lesbians and friends can dance away to indie rock, electronic and chart music here. Several DJs play for the young, dance-crazy crowd.

The Circus is a huge gay spectacle that is held at irregular intervals (twice to four times per year) in the Arena Wien.  International top DJs and spectacular shows attract the party animals.

Long live Heaven Vienna! Miss Candy, Austria's well-known drag queen and initiator of diverse party institutions, brings you the latest in house music, disco sounds and garage beats for a sweltering atmosphere among party-goers.

Unfortunately, the Kibbutz Klub is only held infrequently: organized by the "QueerHebrews", everyone is welcome here – whether lesbian, gay, transsexual, hetero, hipster, Jewish, non-Jewish, local or immigrant. Guests dance to Israeli music and Eurotrash.

Four to five times a year, Jacques Patriaque, who is also responsible for the Vienna Boylesque Festival, organizes his Party Imperial Madness in the Hall of Columns: the perfect combination of Boylesque, Burlesque and fine electronic music, and usually with a drag superstar from the hit US TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race" as hostess.

The Wiener Freiheit has been established in the fifth district for more than 25 years: the bar in 1980s style is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 pm to 4.00 am. The disco starts at 10.00 pm.

More party tips and clubs in the Vienna Gay & Lesbian Guide

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