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Dancing party guests in front of a stage with a DJ

Vienna Candy Partytour

The "Vienna Candy Party" already toured Zurich, Berlin and Chicago and finally hits the Popcorn Club at the Heaven in London. Sweet decoration and our sexy Promoboys, will pamper you with presents from Vienna and sweets like Mannerschnitten, the famous Viennese wafers, and Punschkrapfen. To get the picture have a look at our album of Zurich, Berlin and Chicago on Facebook.

The final stop will be at the Popcorn Club in London (July 15th).

Two DJs from the famous Gay Party "Rhinoplasty" in Vienna will join us and show the party croud how we celebrate in Vienna. Cool visuals made by the Viennese Soundframe Festival show the Sights and Nightlife from a different angle.

The party photos will be available the day after the event on

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