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The unique flavour of Vienna

This summer we are working with London's leading LGBT venues to bring the unique flavour of Vienna direct to you. Details of the specials at these venues are below.

Once you've had a taste of Vienna, you might just find yourself coming back time and time again. This is a city that especially delights those with a more refined palate and have a sense of style and history.
Vienna still retains all of the trappings that one would expect of an historical capital city of imperial standing. Great art, culture, music, and cuisine have infused themselves over centuries into the very fabric of this great city.

Today, Vienna's regal past now nourishes a very modern city, that has cultivated a bustling cafe culture, a thriving music scene, and is infused with a diverse and welcoming atmosphere for every visitor.

And now: Win a luxury weekend for two. Or:

Enjoy your own taste of Vienna, today in London

  • Profile Soho - cafe restaurant

Situated in the very heart of London's gay village, Profile perfectly blends the coolest music with the finest food and beverages - to create a superb atmosphere. Profile will be serving an authentic Viennese strudel on their menu from 27 July until the 24 August. Fruity and sweet, this classic dish is simply delicious, and served in Viennese cafés with a strong, hot shot of coffee, or sometimes something even stronger perhaps!

We think you'll agree our Viennese strudel is the perfect accompaniment to be enjoyed in the fantastic atmosphere at Profile - perhaps washed down with a happy hour cocktail, or to end an excellent meal with friends.

Award-winning Ku-Bar knows exactly how to show their customers a great time, with an unrivalled program of entertainment, drinks specials, and quite possibly the hottest barmen on the planet! What better place to grab yourself a shot of authentic Viennese schnapps to get your party well and truly started. Schnapps is served in Vienna to heighten the mood, enhance the atmosphere, and to toast truly great friendships - and at Ku-Bar you are always in the most hospitable company to enjoy yourself. Come and experience the atmosphere, and sample the best-value Viennese shots currently on offer in London.

Chic and unashamedly stylish, The Shadow Lounge is an oasis of luxury in the heart of London's bustling West End. Well known for its glamourous and upscale atmosphere, the patrons of this premium nightclub usually have one thing in common - their discerning taste, and a commitment to personal style. Mixing a delicate blend of the finest ingredients, the Shadow Lounge's Viennese cocktail is the epitome of grace and splendour - much like our great city itself. You can experience the true taste of a limited-edition Vienna cocktail at Shadow Lounge from 27 July - 24 August, with a special Vienna-themed evening on Thursday 9 August.

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