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The Frauencafé (Women’s Café) on Lange Gasse 11 was founded in 1977 and has been popular ever since. The new proprietors, a group of dedicated lesbians with a lot of experience in arts and catering, took over this café from a single woman, who managed it all by herself. The Frauencafé was originally founded as a collective by a group of lesbians in the 70ies. It is women-only/transgender welcome.

The Frauenzentrum Bar (Women’s Center Bar) — commonly called FZ — greatly contributes to the women’s and lesbian scene in Vienna by regularly hosting parties and events.

Particularly worth recommending are the Las Chicas women’s clubbing sessions, which have built up a dedicated fan community over several years. The regularly held G.Spot parties are also highly recommended to all women.

One of the oldest institutions on the gay-lesbian scene is the Café Willendorf, which has enjoyed particular popularity in recent years, especially amongst lesbians. Café Willendorf has an excellent cuisine and a cozy bar. In summer, the guest garden in the inner courtyard is a real dream. Women's festivals are held here at irregular intervals in collaboration with the in-house lesbian advice center.

Café Willendorf

Linke Wienzeile 102, 1060 Wien

ega: women in the center

6., Windmühlgasse 26

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