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Lesbians only

The Frauencafé (Women’s Café) on Lange Gasse 11 was founded in 1977 and has been popular ever since. The new proprietors, a group of dedicated lesbians with a lot of experience in arts and catering, took over this café from a single woman, who managed it all by herself. The Frauencafé was originally founded as a collective by a group of lesbians in the 70ies. It is women-only/transgender welcome.

The Frauenzentrum Bar (Women’s Center Bar) — commonly called FZ — greatly contributes to the women’s and lesbian scene in Vienna by regularly hosting parties and events (for cis women only).

Particularly worth recommending are the PiNKED women’s clubbing sessions, which have built up a dedicated fan community over several years. The regularly held G.Spot parties are also highly recommended to all women.

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