Two waiters serving food in a horse-drawn carriage
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Viennese delicacies in a horse-drawn carriage

Experiencing Vienna with all the senses is the motto of the Riding Dinner. On a sightseeing tour in a horse-drawn carriage through the 1st district, the guests enjoy selected culinary treats. At fixed stops along the way, food and drinks from partner establishments are served directly in the horse-drawn carriage, which has been specially equipped with a table for this purpose. As soon as it gets colder, a winter-proof horse-drawn carriage is used.

Culinary sightseeing

Depending on the duration and package, there’s space for up to four people in the horse-drawn carriage. The culinary offering ranges from the legendary bread rolls from the Schwarzes Kamel, a traditional Viennese restaurant, to Wiener schnitzel from Bitzinger’s Augustinerkeller, to an Old Viennese apple strudel from Café Landtmann. In addition to the standard tours, such as the 90-minute Culinary.Sightseeing tour and the 40-minute Sparkling.Sightseeing tour, customised packages are also possible. In the run-up to Christmas, there's an Advent package with punch, Christmas bakeries and topped rolls.

Riding Dinner

Prices and reservations:

Tel. +43 660 70 60 502

Couple dining in a horse-drawn carriage in front of the Imperial Palace
© Riding Dinner
Topped rolls in a horse-drawn carriage
© WienTourismus/Susanne Kapeller
People riding in a horse-drawn carriage in Vienna
© Raphael Berthold
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