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Vienna currently has five subway lines with 104 stations on 79km of track, 29 tram routes and 127 bus routes. The total public transportation network amounts to over 850 km in length. A total of 954 million passengers were carried in 2016. Further investments in rail transportation are planned in line with the city's future-oriented transport policy. This should allow the constant growth in passenger numbers to be managed properly in the future as well. At the same time, further outlying districts are to be connected to the city center. Wiener Linien is choosing to modernize its fleet of buses by deploying increasing numbers of electric buses. Wiener Linien was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Mobility in 2013 for the project involving "zero emissions buses", which ply throughout the downtown area. Also being undertaken is the integration of modern technology: The multiple award-winning Smartphone app 'quando' lets mobile users know when the next tram, subway train or bus departs. Real-time information for all stops, integrated timetable information and disruption information enable users to get around on public transport without complication.

Vienna can also be admired on over 1,300 km of cycle paths, cycle lanes and cycle routes through low-traffic zones. Visitors who would like to view the city and its attractions from the saddle of a bicycle and in the fresh air should ideally climb on board a Citybike: The Citybike network is also easy to use for visitors to Vienna. The procedure is simple: Register directly at a Citybike terminal with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB), choose a bike and pedal away. For a one-off registration fee of €1, users have access to 1,500 bicycles distributed between 120 stations. The first hour is free, after which a usage fee is charged. Many different kinds of bicycles are offered for rental by private individuals and bicycle shops on the bike sharing platform (also available as an iPhone app).

However, if you do need a car then you won't need to own one in Vienna: Carsharing is the welcome alternative as a further element of personal mobility. Vienna already has two free-floating systems with and  

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