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Vienna city center to go car-free

A city without cars is hard to imagine nowadays. Yet climate change and a growing awareness of nature and the environment are giving rise to an unstoppable rethink at the heart of our society. In Vienna, too, the call for a car-free city is also getting louder. And that's a good thing because this idea is set to become reality very soon – making Vienna the first car-free city in the German-speaking countries.

A city for the people, not for engines

On average, approx. 50,000 cars drive into Vienna city center every day. A number that is no longer tenable given the climate crisis. For this reason, the city is now responding with the "car-free city" concept in order to hand back Vienna city center to the people again. 

The entry ban will apply in the first district (all roads bounded by the Ringstrasse and quayside) to all motor vehicles (including motorcycles and mopeds). As always, of course, there will be exceptions to the rule: cars may continue to drive into the city center under certain circumstances (residents, people with disabilities, suppliers, taxis, or public transport vehicles.) Nevertheless, the city is hoping for a decline in traffic of up to 30 percent. This will reduce not only flowing but also stationary traffic. Vienna city center should go car-free in the autumn at the latest.

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