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Surfer auf der Welle in Action

Vienna City-Surfspot - 3CityWave

Until the end of September 2016, anyone can learn to surf the waves in this area spanning 1,000 m2. The citywave machine creates a consistent water pressure and a constant 1.4 meter high wave that can be surfed using regular surfboards. It is 100% hydro-powered. Anyone who doesn’t wish to surf can enjoy the sun deck, with sun lounges, music, and culinary delights in the food area, or can shop for surfing accessories and streetwear or try out cell phones and tablets in the attached shop.

3CityWave – Summer hotspot in the middle of Vienna

Admission into the grounds is free – anyone is welcome to come and watch. An hour of surfing costs €39, including surfboard and helmet, and wetsuits can be rented on site. Up to 10 people can sign up for 50-minute sessions using the online portal at The waves will be open for surfing every day in any weather from 10:00-22:00. Professional coaches are available to lead beginner sessions, and surf camps are offered in the summer vacation for young people aged 8-18.

For more information or to sign up:


Schwarzenbergplatz, 1030 Wien
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