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Bicycle and electric bike rentals

Donkey Republic - Bike rental system

Customers can book the orange bicycles around the clock via a smartphone app and rent them from one of the numerous locations across the city. The bike is also unlocked via the app, breaks can be taken during the ride, and the rental period can be extended. After the ride, the bike is returned to an agreed location, parked up at a public bike stand, and the rental ended via the app. The rental fee for a day is €14. To the Android app / To the iPhone app

Bike rental locations in Vienna

Vienna Explorer Tours & Day Trips

Bicycle Rental Pedal Power

Trek Bicycle | Vienna

  • 1st district, Hegelgasse 19
  • City and trekking bikes, pedal scooters (electronic and normal), mountain bikes, racing bikes
  • www.trekbicycle-vienna.at

Ride! – Mountain bike rental

  • 14th district, Zichygasse 2 
  • High-quality mountain bikes, GPS devices, equipment (helmet, etc.) and tour guides
  • www.bookaride.at

bike 20 – Bike Rental & Bicycle garage

  • 20th district, Friedrich-Engels-Platz 6/entrance on Kapaunplatz
  • rental of trekking and mountainbikes, bike repairs
  • www.bike20.at

Aschauer's Bike Rental Danube Island

  • 21st district, Floridsdorfer Brücke
  • bicycle repair; tricycles, tandems, bicycle rickshaws
  • www.rad-verleih.at

Electric bike rentals


Bicycle Rental Hochschaubahn

  • 2nd district, Prater 113, near Hochschaubahn (Roller Coaster), entrance at Prater Hauptallee/Schweizerhaus level
  • with bicycle repair; also electric bikes, bicycle rickshaws, tandems, pedal mobiles
  • www.radverleih-hochschaubahn.com


  • 2nd district, Vereinsgasse 9/4
  • Rental and repair of electric bicycles, with bicycle delivery to hotels
  • http://e-zweirad.at


  • 9th district, Spittelauer Lände 11
  • Rental of Pedelecs (bicycles with a motor for enhancing pedal power) and bicycles, sport/folding/recumbent bicycles and more
  • www.enzovelo.at

Die Radstation - Vienna Main Station

  • 10th district, Am Hauptbahnhof 1
  • Rental of electric bicycles and other bicycles, bicycle repair, parking, shop
  • www.dieradstation.cc

Radsport Nussdorf

  • 19th district Donaupromenade / right at the bicycle path
  • with bicycle repair; also electric bicycles
  • www.donau-fritzi.at

Bicycle and Skate Rental Copa Cagrana, Walter Company

  • 22nd district, Reichsbrücke / Donauinsel, Am Damm 1 (U1 station: Donauinsel)
  • Bicycle repair; also e-bikes, tandems, rickshaws, go-carts
  • www.fahrradverleih.at

Electric bike charging points

Vienna already offers numerous electric bike charging stations. Electric bikes can be charged for free at all Wien-Energie stations. Charging stations can also be found along popular bicycle paths:

  • Charging point at Vienna University of Technology, 4th district, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10
  • Charging point at the Summerstage, 9th district, Rossauer Lände
  • Charging point on Danube Island at "Donau-Fritzi" bike rental, 19th district, Donaupromenade / on the International Danube Cycle Path

All free electric bike charging points by Wien-Engergie online in a map > (search for "2-Rad").

Bike sharing in Vienna

The platform listnride.com has many different kinds of bicycle, such as electric bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, etc., all of which are available to rent from private individuals and bicycle shops. The bikes can be booked via the iPhone app or the website.

Public air pumps

Easy to operate, public air pumps are available to cyclists in heavily frequented places in Vienna. The pumps are located at:

  • Karlsplatz (junction of Wiedner Hauptstrasse)
  • Universitätsring (by Café Landtmann)
  • Praterstern (next to bike count point)
  • Siebensternplatz
  • Rennweg (junction of Rechte Bahngasse)
  • Westbahnhof (Europaplatz)
  • Urban Loritz Platz
  • Bruno-Pittermann-Platz (Längenfeldgasse subway station)
  • Währinger Strasse (junction of Sensengasse)
  • Engerthstrasse (Millennium Tower)
  • Peter-Jordan-Strasse (BOKU, Türkenschanzpark)
  • Seestadt Aspern (U2 station Seestadt)
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