Danube Island

Sightseeing on the run

Vienna SightRunning

The team of Vienna SightRunning offers four different routes through city on its running tours. Participants can choose between a run through the Old City (classic and extended route), a route from the Wien River to Danube Island, and the final option: a run along the Danube to Kahlenbergerdorf. Individual tours are also put together for groups.

Pulse and running speed can be recorded and assessed on request and training recommendations made. The team is made up entirely of sports scientists.

Price: between €70 and €80. The tours are offered in German and English.

Information and registration:
Tel. +43 (0) 699 18 25 29 86


Jogging tours to the best sights are also on the program at runandsee. There are currently ten different routes, such as the classic "The Ring", as well as more unusual ones, such as the Melange route - on the trails of Vienna's coffee house culture - or a "hip and trendy" ShopRun. Of course, fully customized routes are also possible at runandsee.

The guides offer a pleasurable way to discover Vienna in all its different guises and relate interesting anecdotes about the city's history. And in various languages (German, English, Italian, French, Japanese). The program and pace can be tailored to suit and adapted to physical ability.

Individual bookings or in small groups (more than 4 people possible by arrangement). Prices for 60 minutes of individual support: between €35 and €70 incl. VAT.

Information and registration:
Ruth A. Riehle
Tel.: +43 (0) 699 11 04 76 25

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