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Die Teilnehmer radeln über die Reichsbrücke
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Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia Vienna

Competitions are on offer both for beginners and for ambitious amateur athletes: The Gran Fondo Vienna cycling marathon covers a distance of 137 km, and around 1,500 vertical meters must also be overcome. The Medio Fondo “Everyman’s Race” covers 67 km and about 200 vertical meters – a perfect distance for beginners. Only racing bikes are allowed in the first competition, while mountain bikes, touring bikes, and city bikes can also participate over the shorter distance.

Additional Offer of the Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia Vienna

The Company Giro is an additional competition for small teams: company teams of 4 or 6 persons can participate. Team members are also shown in the individual scoring category. The Medio Fondo Classico is new in 2016; it is a “retro race” with strict conditions for participation. Only racing bikes where the frame is made of steel and the bicycle was manufactured in 1987 or earlier are permitted. Additional criteria are available directly on the organizer’s website.

The route

The starting and finish lines of the competitions are in the second district. The participants cycle through the Prater and loop around the city center on the Ringstrasse, past numerous magnificent buildings such as the State Opera, Parliament and the Burgtheater. Then it's along Praterstrasse and Handelskai, north to Lower Austria. For hobby cyclists, the route goes via Danube Island and back to the Prater. The rest still have to complete the Lower Austrian part of the route: the Vienna Woods, Tulbinger Kogel, Doppler Hütte, southern Weinviertel and Burg Kreuzstein are just a few highlights along the rest of the way.

Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia Vienna


Information & registration:

Start & finish 

Messe Wien (Vienna Trade Fairs) Hall D

Trabrennstraße 4, 1020 Wien
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