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Oarsmen at Danube canal

Rowing regatta on the Danube Canal

Beim wienereiner#6 nehmen über hundert Einer-Boote die wohl schnellste Regattastrecke der Welt in Angriff. The athletes reach speeds of over 20 km/h in the race that lasts 15 to 30 minutes and runs from Nussdorf to the Urania in the center of Vienna.

Auch beim wienerachter#5 geht’s heiß her, wenn sich die schnellsten mit Muskelkraft betriebenen Wasserfahrzeuge spannende Kämpfe liefern. At the Vienna Kanu Challenge visitors can experience a mass start with canoeists, paddlers and Canadian canoeists in Nussdorf. The top-flight athletes and hobby rowers battle for victory in direct competition with one another on the 6,000 m long river section. There is also a separate competition for Stand-up paddlers.

The dragon boat cup this time will take place on June 11 at the Vienna City Beach Club. Additional information is available on the organizer's website .

The promenades on both sides of the Danube Canal and the countless bridges offer good vantage points from which to follow the spectacle. Onlookers can also make themselves comfortable in the countless bars and restaurants strung along the Danube Canal and cheer on the rowers: from the Summer Stage to Tel Aviv Beach, the Schützenhaus, the Adria Wien, the Motto am Fluss, the Badeschiff, Café Urania and Strandbar Herrmann. The prize-giving and after-party will be held at Herrmann Strandbar.

Viennautica 2016

14 May 2015

  • 13:30 Stand Up Paddling 
  • 14:40 wienerachter section 1 
  • 15:30 wienereiner section 1 
  • 17:00 Award ceremony for Stand Up Paddling @ Herrmann Strandbar 
  • 18:00 pm Vienna Kanu Challenge 
  • 18:20 wienereiner section 2 
  • 18:50 wienerachter section 2 
  • 20:00 Award ceremony for the Kanu Challenge @ Herrmann Strandbar 
  • 21:00 Award ceremony for wienereiner & wienerachter @ Herrmann Strandbar

Start: Nussdorf/Brigittenauer Sporn, 1220 Vienna
Finish: Urania, 1020 Vienna

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