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Wings for Life World Run Vienna 2016

At exactly 1.00 pm on 8 May 2016, the starting pistol be fired for the runners in Vienna and the race will also start simultaneously right around the world. After 30 minutes, the catcher cars - cars specially equipped for the run - will follow the runners at a pre-set speed. As long as the runners stay ahead of the catcher car, they'll stay in the race. If they're overtaken, the race is over. Return transport to the starting area will be arranged.

The route

Vienna offers a unique backdrop for the Wings for Life World Run, right through downtown Vienna. The starting pistol is fired in front of the gates of Schönbrunn Palace. The route continues as follows:

  • Hadikgasse to the turnaround at Hütteldorfer Brücke (km 4) & back to Schönbrunn
  • Technisches Museum via Mariahilfer Strasse in the 1st district
  • Vienna Ringstrasse (km 13) – past the Imperial Palace, Burgtheater, City Hall
  • Schwedenplatz to Urania (km 16)
  • Aspernbrücke towards Stadionallee (km 21) & Prater Hauptallee
  • Reichsbrücke (km 25) via Danube Island
  • Korneuburg (km 42)
  • Tulln (km 63)
  • then back to Vienna via Greifenstein (km 80) and Klosterneuburg

Anyone who is at least 16 years of age can participate in the race. Wheelchair users also take part in many numerous countries and must comply with a single rule: they have to start the race in a standard wheelchair.

Wings for Life World Run Vienna

8 May 2016
Starting shot: 1.00 pm (11.00 am UTC)
Information & registration:

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