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Access code

Microsoft Windows

These instructions apply to Microsoft Windows XP and higher.

1. Activate the WLAN (WiFi) on your device.

2. Double-click the connection symbol at bottom-right, next to the time.

3. Under "Drahtlosnetzwerk auswählen" select the "Tourist-Info" network and then click on "Verbinden".

WLAN Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X

These instructions refer to Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther" and higher. With all other versions, proceed in a similar way to achieve the same result.

1. To activate your WiFi access, click on the "AirPort" symbol in the top-right corner and select the "Tourist-Info" network.

2. You are connected to the network when a ✓symbol is displayed next to the name. 

If the AirPort symbol is not displayed:

1. Click on the Apple symbol at top-left and select "System settings" in the menu.
2. Click on "Network".
3. Select "AirPort" from the list on the left of the settings window.
4. In the right-hand part of the window, you can now activate the "Tourist-Info" network under "Network name".

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