User agreement of the Vienna Tourist Board on the use of WiFi in tourist information offices

1. Contractual object

1.1 This user agreement governs the use of WiFi in tourist information offices.

1.2 The Vienna Tourist Board (hereinafter "WienTourismus") acts hereunder as a pure access provider in the context of Art. 13 of the E-Commerce Act (ECG) and only provides access to the internet: customers can surf the internet on-site for a maximum period of 30 minutes by using an access code (input of user name and password), which can be requested free of charge at the counter of the tourist information office. The access code expires upon expiry of the period of use.

1.3 WienTourismus regrets that the employees of the tourist information offices are unable to provide any technical support. Technical support is therefore not the object of the user agreement.

1.4 The service may be used free of charge.

1.5 By entering the access code, the customer declares their agreement with these conditions of use.

2. Functionality of the WiFi

2.1 Before using the WiFi, the customer shall ensure that his/her equipment is compatible with the offered services. WienTourismus does not provide any software, equipment or system settings whatsoever.

2.2. WienTourismus cannot accept any liability for the actual availability of the Internet access.

2.3 As this concerns a free service, WienTourismus does not accept any obligations whatsoever for the functionality of the WiFi. Use of the service depends on the prevailing technical possibilities. In particular, the customer shall not have any right to use the WienTourismus WiFi in any specific manner or for any specific duration.

2.4 WienTourismus rules out any and all liability and warranty for the free WiFi offer. In particular, no liability shall be accepted for the contents of accessed websites or downloaded files. Furthermore, no liability whatsoever shall be accepted for any virus attack suffered through the use of the WienTourismus WiFi. The customer expressly acknowledges that the WienTourismus WiFi only enables access to the Internet, but does not include any virus protection or firewall whatsoever.

2.5 The transmission of data over the WiFi is not secure. The customer is personally responsible for providing any encryption required, e.g. by means of a VPN.

2.6. Availability, performance and transmission speed are not guaranteed. Delays, misconnections or temporary faults can occur. Any liability for loss of data is expressly ruled out.

3. Personal responsibility of the user

3.1 Customers accept full liability for all their activities when using the WienTourismus WiFi. In particular, the user is expressly prohibited from using the WienTourismus WiFi for downloading or in any way disseminating copyright protected content.

3.2. The user is prohibited from accessing websites containing illegal, pornographic or racist content. Also prohibited is the dissemination of illegal, pornographic, racist or legally protected content, e.g. by means of email or over Internet forums.

3.3 In general, any and all improper use of the WienTourismus WiFi is prohibited, in particular any and all use that can result in disadvantageous legal consequences for third parties or WienTourismus.

4. Final conditions

4.1 The operation of a server and/or the offer of (IT) services over the WienTourismus WiFi are prohibited.

4.2 Should WienTourismus be exposed to the claims of third parties for any reason whatsoever due to the customer's use of the WienTourismus WiFi, the customer shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless WienTourismus in this regard.

4.3 Use of the WienTourismus WiFi can be blocked without the need to provide any reason in case of the infringement or suspected infringement of the conditions of use.

4.4. Should a condition of these general conditions of use be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining conditions shall remain unaffected.

4.5 Austrian law applies with the exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as well as the reference norms of international privacy law. It is agreed that the respective functionally appropriate court in the inner city of Vienna will be the place of jurisdiction.


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