Raimund Theater

Raimund Theater

Wallgasse 18-20
1060 Vienna

For a long time, the Raimund Theater was the place to see popular operettas, before the musical began gaining ground in the 1970s. Today, it is a musical venue of United Stages Vienna.

  • Bezbariérový přístup

    • Vedlejší vchod
      • (keine Angabe 185 cm široká)
    • Parkovací místa Vedlejší vchod
      • K dispozici jsou parkovací místa pro invalidy
        Wallgasse 18-20 on left next to main entrance
    • Další informace
      • Slepeckým psům vstup povolen
      • 12 K dispozici jsou místa pro vozíčkáře (stalls and orchestra, 2 seats in general circulation)
      • K dispozici je WC pro invalidy s bezbariérovým přístupem.
    • Speciální nabídky pro osoby s hendikepem

      Wheelchair seat can be booked at the daytime box office of the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien and by telephone from WIEN-TICKET on Tel. +43 1 58885 until not later than 1 week before the performance for EUR 10 (for musical productions of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien) for the wheelchair seat, the escort gets a 50% discount on the respective ticket price. Visitors with disabilities receive a 50% discount upon presentation of a valid disability ID.

    • Poznámky

      The Raimund Theater does not have an elevator. People with restricted walking ability should therefore choose tickets in the orchestra or stalls.

      Seeing-eye dogs with muzzle and leash permitted.