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Terms of use

1. Scope of validity

This privacy policy applies to the Vienna Tourist Board’s website, which can be accessed under the domain names www.wien.info, www.vienna.info, www.vienna.convention.at, photo.vienna.info, www.weiyena.info, and the various subdomains (hereinafter referred to as "our website").

2. General

2.1 These conditions of use apply to the use of the website vienna.info. vienna.info is a service of the Vienna Tourist Board. The goal is to offer interested users information about noteworthy sights, events and accommodations in Vienna and its surroundings. Users can also search for hotels in the HRS hotel reservation system of Robert Ragge GmbH, Blaubach 32, 50676 Cologne, Germany (www.hrs.com) through the vienna.info site.

2.2 In addition to this general information, the vienna.info website also offers users the possibility of creating their own individual travel plans. Registration with an email address (= user name), display name and password is required for this services.

2.3 An agreement is executed between the users and the Vienna Tourist Board about the use of the services offered on vienna.info. The Vienna Tourist Board, however, is not the contractual partner in respect to lodging reservations (see item 2 of these conditions of use for more information).

3. Hotel search and reservations

3.1 List of Lodgings

3.1.1 Users can search for hotels in Vienna in the list of lodgings provided on vienna.info. This service is free of charge to the user. No hotel reservations can be made on the vienna.info website itself.

3.1.2 Information on the classification of lodgings according to stars on the vienna.info website and the printed matter (list of lodgings) generated using that information are based on the official Austrian hotel classification system and do not necessarily agree with the HRS stars.

3.2 Room search and reservation in HRS


3.2.1 Users can search for hotels in Vienna in the list of lodgings provided on vienna.info. This service is free of charge to the user.

3.2.2 The hotel rooms that can be researched through vienna.info are offered by the HRS hotel reservation system of Robert Ragge GmbH, Blaubach 32, 50676 Cologne, Germany (www.hrs.com, hereinafter referred to as "HRS"), which can by access by hyperlinks from the vienna.info website. When searching for rooms on vienna.info, the user will be forwarded directly to the online offer of HRS after indicating his search criteria and clicking on the "Search for hotel" button or "Search" or or “Reserve” (list of lodgings reservation button) as well as when clicking on a hotel description.

3.2.3 Hotel rooms cannot be reserved through the vienna.info website. Only hotel searches in the HRS hotel reservation system are possible. Any reservations are made directly through the HRS hotel reservation system for the hotel selected by the user. The contractual relationship for the reserved hotel room is established directly between the user and the lodging. The hotel search in the HRS hotel reservation system is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Robert Ragge GmbH. The reservation is subject to the agreements made between the user and the lodging and its General Terms and Conditions. The Vienna Tourist Board is not part of this contractual relationship. Payments must be made directly to the lodging.

3.2.4 The Vienna Tourist Board does not offer any travel services in its own name and does not appear as a travel agent.

3.2.5 Hotel descriptions provided when searching for and reserving rooms come from the HRS hotel reservation system.

3.2.6 The classification of the lodgings according to (HRS) stars by star ratings provides a non-binding indication of the hotel's standard. The hotel classification is based on an internal estimation of the hotel, which is additionally verified by HRS in accordance with its own assessment system, and based on the accrued experience of HRS and HRS customers. All further lodging information and descriptions are based on the information provided by the hotels.

4. Travel planner

4.1 The travel planner makes it possible for users to plan their individual stay in Vienna by themselves. The Vienna Tourist Board points out that cookies must be enabled to create a travel plan.

4.2 The use of the travel planner requires a free registration. The user selects a user name and a password during the registration. The selection of the user name may not infringe on the name, brand, trademark, or other rights of third parties. The Vienna Tourist Board does not assume any responsibility for user names that may infringe on the rights of third parties. The user commits himself/herself to indemnify the Vienna Tourist Board and hold it harmless in the event of any infringements on names, brands or signs caused by the user, as well as any other infringements of rights caused by the user's use of the vienna.info website. If the user acts on behalf of third parties, he or she will immediately notify the Vienna Tourist Board of this by presenting the facts of the case.

4.3 The user has the possibility of saving sights, hotels, restaurants and events in a list in the travel planner. The user can edit this list by adding, deleting or commenting on entries.

4.4 The user has the option of exporting his or her travel plan as a PDF.

4.5 The user can also provide access to this travel plan to third parties through a link. For this purpose, the user must activate his or her vienna.info account and publish the travel plan. Every published travel plan receives its own URL, which the user can then send out via email.

4.6 These published travel plans are anonymous, i.e. the identity of the user creating the plan is not publicly displayed. The user can also cancel the publication through the edit dialog.

4.7 The Vienna Tourist Board does not separately list the links to the users' published travel plans generated according to item 3.5 on vienna.info. But the Vienna Tourist Board has the right to use these published travel plans on vienna.info in an anonymous form as samples of travel plans. Each of the users can copy the travel plan samples into their own travel plans.

5. Ordering brochures and advertising materials online

5.1 Users can order advertising materials and brochures free of charge from the Vienna Tourist Board via the sub-site https://b2b.wien.info/en/shop and collect them from the Vienna Tourist Board. A free delivery service is also offered a maximum of twice a month for accommodation establishments in Vienna.

5.2 The following data are collected from users for the processing of orders: title, company, first name, last name, address, country, zip code, city, phone, email. These data will only be used for processing orders (and thus for fulfilling the contract).

5.3 If repeat orders are envisaged, the user can also create a user account. The following data will be collected for this: title, company, first name, last name, address, country, zip code, city, phone, email. The user chooses their own password for this user account.

6. Copyright and links

6.1 The website design of vienna.info and the editorial articles and photos published on vienna.info are protected by copyright laws.

6.2 Copying, making them publicly available, or otherwise using the copyright-protected contents of the vienna.info website requires the prior explicit authorization by the Vienna Tourist Board.

6.3 The links provided on vienna.info are made available in the interest of the user. The contents offered by the linked websites are not designed by the Vienna Tourist Board. The Vienna Tourist Board has no influence on these websites; accessing the sites is the sole responsibility of the user. It is not possible to control the contents of the linked websites on an ongoing basis. If there are legal violations on the linked sites and vienna.info is notified of this, the links will be removed.

7. Data protection

7.1 All privacy-related details are covered in our privacy statement. The Vienna Tourist Board will use the personal data provided by the user (name, user name, password, email address, title, country) for use of the website as follows:

7.1.1 The travel planner uses the user data (email address, display name (user name), password) to store the travel plan that the user has initiated. The email address, display name and password are required to authenticate the user.

7.2.1 The user has the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter on the vienna.info website. The user can optionally provide a title and country, in addition to his email address. There is a double opt-in. Please refer to the privacy statement for details.

7.2 The Vienna Tourist Board installs cookies for the purpose of performing its services and to transfer information. The installation of cookies is required especially to create a travel plan. Travel plans are published only in an anonymous version (i.e. without stating the user name of the user who created the travel plan). Users can prevent the installation of cookies with a particular setting in their browser software, but the Vienna Tourist Board points out that this would prevent the user from accessing all of the functions of the vienna.info website to their full extent (in particular the travel planner and hotel reservations and requests for information).

7.3 Based on the installed cookies, the Vienna Tourist Board also informs the user about offers that may be of interest to the user in the form of banner ads on the vienna.info site (personalized banner activations). Please refer to the privacy statement for details.

7.4 The Vienna Tourist Board holds user data in accordance with the generally applicable security standards. However, the Vienna Tourist Board is unable to assume any responsibility for attacks by hackers.

8. Final conditions

8.1 By using vienna.info and registering on vienna.info, the user agrees to these conditions of use and the privacy policy without limitations.

8.2 When commenting on vienna.info (especially in published travel plans), the users must ensure that the topics and contents of their statements are appropriate and do not infringe on any rights of third parties (especially copyrights). The user declares that he or she will indemnify the Vienna Tourist Board and hold it harmless in the case of violations of the rights of third parties (through copyright infringements, statements that damage the credit of others, or any other violation of rights). If the user acts on behalf of third parties in respect to these kinds of rights violations, he or she will immediately notify the Vienna Tourist Board of this by presenting the facts of the case.

8.3 The Vienna Tourist Board reserves the right to block users in the event of rights violations or conduct that violates netiquette (such as conduct that is insulting, biased, or harassing).

8.4 All statements on the vienna.info website have been compiled with great care. But no liability can be assumed for any errors in the data entry or transfer. Likewise, no liability can be assumed for unpredictable system failures and disruptions, such as those due to external attacks or other reasons that are not in the sphere of the Vienna Tourist Board.

8.5 The invalidity of any individual provisions in these conditions of use does not affect the validity of the other provisions.

8.6 Written declarations are considered to be delivered when they are sent to the customer's most recently published (email) address. Only written agreements are valid between the contracting parties. Any revisions of the conditions of use also have to be in writing. This also applies for a cancellation of the requirement for the written form. Oral agreements are not legally binding.

8.7 Austrian law applies with the exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as well as the reference norms of the international privacy law. It is agreed that the respective functionally appropriate court in the inner city of Vienna will be the place of jurisdiction.