L’abbazia di Klosterneuburg

Monastero di Klosterneuburg

Stiftsplatz 1
3400 Klosterneuburg

How to get there:
Underground U4: Heiligenstadt, then autobus 238 or 239: Klosterneuburg-Niedermarkt or City Train S 40: Klosterneuburg-Kierling Underground U6: Spittelau, then City Train S 40: Klosterneuburg-Kierling

A pochi chilometri dal limite della città troneggia da nove secoli ormai il Monastero di Klosterneuburg. Qui si possono ammirare magnifici tesori sacri tra cui l’“Altare di Verdun“ e ci si può immergere nello splendore di questo sfarzoso complesso barocco.

  • Orari di apertura

    • tutti i giorni, 09:00 - 18:00
  • Accessibilità

    • Ingresso principale
      • senza gradini
    • Parcheggi Ingresso principale
      • Parcheggi per disabili presenti
        in parking garage P1, on Rathausplatz in front of the Babenbergerhalle and at car park P3 "Gastmeisterei"
    • Con ascensore
      • Porta 89 cm largo
    • Ulteriori informazioni
      • Ammessi i cani guida per non vedenti
      • WC per disabili accessibili senza barriere architettoniche.
    • Offerte speciali per persone disabili

      wheelchair accessible restrooms at visitor reception/"Sala terrena" and in the cloisters. Free admission for persons accompanying visitors with wheelchairs.
 Multimedia guide for blind people and in Austrian sign language (ÖGS) available, accompanying material in embossed print and Braille.
 Guided tours for the visually impaired or blind people incl. touching model of the abbey complex and the planned "Austrian Escorial Palace" on request: "History and stories – to touch".

    • Note

      Wheelchair accessible visitor areas except for the abbey museum and the gardens. Access from the underground car park (parking place for visitors with disabilities) via elevator. Level P1 has a lifting platform that leads to the parking level for tour buses. Access from Rathausplatz via ramp, length: 190 cm, width: 74 cm. 2 stairlifts in cloister area.