Museo delle Carrozze imperiali Vienna (Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien)

Schloss Schönbrunn
1130 Vienna

Un’esposizione delle antiche carrozze imperiali comprendente la carrozza dorata dell’incoronazione e l’ultima carrozza usata dall’Imperatrice Elisabetta prima della sua tragica morte a Ginevra.

  • Orari di apertura

    • tutti i giorni, 10:00 - 16:00
    • Closed between January, 7 and February, 13 2022 due to maintenance work.

  • Accessibilità

    • Offerte speciali per persone disabili

      Special tours for people with special needs on request.
 More information: or Tel. +43 1 525 24-5202

    • Note

      Main entrance: steps (more than 3 cm), double doors (each 68 cm wide), entrance to the collection: double swinging doors, total width 130cm, exhibition area: flat floors, wheelchair-accessible. Second floor area reachable via steps (width 128 cm, 12 steps, landing, then 155 cm, 10 steps, handrail on both sides of the steps, 100 cm high). Restroom outside Coach Collection.

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