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Ten Questions for CID RIM

1. To what extent does your album Songs Of Vienna (2021) have Vienna as its theme?

I am Viennese. Everything I am and everything I create is very much connected to the city. I wanted people to get that with this album, too.

2. Is the EP Songs For Vienna (2022) a sequel?

Yes. I tried to pick up less on the clubby end of the album, and more on its songs.

3. Is Vienna a creative, inspiring Capital of Music for you?

Absolutely. Vienna has the advantage that you can take a little more time here to develop your own sound, your own signature.

4. Vienna - London - Los Angeles: where do you feel at home?

Wherever I happen to be – just as long as I have my laptop with me and can make music.

5. What makes Vienna? What’s Vienna capable of?

A friend of mine always says: "Vienna is the best city to leave and the best city to come home to."

6. Your favorite place in Vienna?

The plate at Blauensteiner that my creamy veal heart is served on.

7. What do you like doing in Vienna?

I love the Prater. And that transitional period between the last coffee and the first beer in a coffeehouse on a Sunday afternoon.

8. What should everyone make sure they do in Vienna?

Buy a ticket when using public transport. The words “tickets please" will trigger a fight-or-flight response in me as long as I draw breath.

9. Generally speaking, what is it that you love about Vienna?

Recently, I came from the airport and totally by chance I met three different groups of people I knew in my first few minutes back in the eighth district: first family, then an old school friend, and finally a fellow musician. I love that.

10. Off the top of your head, what three words would you use to describe Vienna?

Cozy, laid back and extremely chilled.

Clemens Bacher aka CID RIM:

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