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Al fresco cocktail festival

Warm summer nights and excellent cocktails – what more could you want? The three-day Liquid Market cocktail festival sends visitors on a voyage of discovery through the latest drink creations. And all in the fantastic surroundings of Vienna's Volksgarten. The entire garden of the disco with the same name and the area of the hall of columns and parts of the Volksgarten pavilion open their doors for the event. The drinks can also be sampled indoors if it rains.

The best bartenders from Austria and abroad are represented at Liquid Market and also hold tastings, masterclasses and workshops. New this year is a shop where visitors can buy spirits, liqueurs and syrups. And because cocktails don't bring happiness on their own, there is also street food and barbecuing.

At the end of the cocktail festival, the partying continues at the after-party in the Volksgarten club disco.

Liquid Market Vienna – The Cocktail Festival

July 11-13, 2019
Th from 5.00 pm, Fr & Sa from 3.00 pm
Daily tickets and 3-day festival passes available

Volksgarten Club Disco

Burgring 1 (Heldenplatz)
1010 Wien
© Medianomia/Liquid Market
People at an al fresco cocktail festival
© Medianomia/Liquid Market
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