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My Vienna Service

Get the free My Vienna Service! 

(Conditions of use as at: May 9, 2022)

Would you like to receive tailor-made information and personalized service based on your interests and activities? Our free My Vienna Service helps you to declare your interests via our channels (ivie app and vienna.info) and receive a personal user experience. 

When you register for My Vienna Service free of charge, we will conclude a free service agreement with you. Once you've registered, we will learn which topics you are particularly interested in from your declarations and your use of the ivie app and the vienna.info website. This way, we can offer you the following benefits or services in the ivie app and on the vienna.info website:

  • Personalized content suggestions
  • Personalized app & web push notifications
  • Suggestions for your personal Vienna travel plan
  • Website and app functions are tailored to you even better

The more you use the My Vienna Service, the better your user experience in the ivie app and at vienna.info becomes. The My Vienna Service also learns with the help of the following data and actions:

  • Active declaration of interests
  • Use of navigation / filter and search
  • Retrieval of contents (e.g. locations, articles, events)
  • Engagements (e.g. length of stay, scroll depth, mediaplay, button clicks)
  • Interaction in the contact block (e.g. route, call, web address, opening of further information like peak times or accessibility)
  • Booking the Vienna City Card
  • Favorite contents 
  • Travel plans (list of locations, articles, events, and other content elements) as well as date of arrival and departure 
  • Shared contents
  • Accessed geo-fences
  • Age, country, gender
  • Location and time 

To provide services as well as for statistical purposes, we aggregate or anonymize your data and analyze them in order to be able to optimize the service as a whole or to prepare statistics. 

As soon as you deregister from My Vienna Service, the service agreement will be terminated and we will delete all your personal data processed within the scope of My Vienna Service. Learn more about data protection in our privacy policy

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