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Vienna and culture – inseparably linked

Experience culture, art and dining with all the senses in Vienna. Countless visitors from around the world travel to the Austrian capital each year to discover the cultural specialties of Vienna. Perhaps the most famous events to be discovered under the banner of Viennese culture are the Vienna Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera, the New Year's concert in the Musikverein or the Vienna Festival, at which the world elite of opera and theater directors, conductors and orchestras present the very latest on the performing arts scene.

Culture in Vienna: classical music as inherited from Mozart and Beethoven

In modern-day Vienna, culture is also inseparably linked to classical music. The works of composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig von Beethoven or Gustav Mahler are also performed in Vienna: cultural events are largely also characterized by classical music. In addition to the Vienna Philharmonic and the ensemble of the Vienna State Opera, this important element of Viennese culture is also brought to the entire world by the Vienna Symphonic. In the House of Music, visitors get a quick peek into the impressive culture of Vienna.

Experience Vienna and culture: museums in Vienna

To explore culture from an architectural perspective in Vienna, take a stroll through the historic city center, where numerous buildings of the former imperial residence can still be found - also an important part of Viennese culture. Also here are many museums with famous collections of world-famous works of art, including the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Albertina, where important witnesses of history and culture in Vienna are presented. Vienna is also home to one of Europe's most important theatrical stages - the Burgtheater. Another important element of Viennese culture is the coffee culture: for example, the numerous little coffee houses in Vienna characterize the culture in a very special way. The incomparable flair of the coffee houses impresses countless visitors every year and keeps them coming back for more.

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