Gay and lesbian friends at the Rainbow Parade

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The history of the Rainbow Parade

Andreas Brunner came up with the idea on a trip to New York in 1994, the 25th anniversary of the "Stonewall Riots". The fight for the equality of LGBT people began with them in 1969. This was celebrated in the Big Apple in a big way. Brunner, co-director of QWIEN, was there at the time and so enthusiastic that right away he knew: "We need something like this in Vienna, too." In 1996, the time finally arrived as the first Rainbow Parade made its way along the Ringstrasse. In the video interview, Brunner remembers and reveals how the premiere in Vienna went back then.

The history of Vienna's Rainbow Parade

QWIEN is the center for queer history. Research into the history of homosexuality in Austria is carried out at the office in the 4th district. QWIEN makes a valuable contribution to the equal treatment of LGBT people. Andreas Brunner also works as a guide and offers tours and city walks on LGBT topics in Vienna.

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