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Wolfram: The other Amadeus

His name is a byword for club-goers in New York as well as in Tokyo, Berlin and Moscow. The release of Wolfram's albums takes place in similarly sophisticated style. The discs of the man with the mop of curly hair are published by the renowned New York label DFA, an accolade for every artist committed to the zeitgeist of the age in the spirit of club culture. Yet Wolfram's creative homebase is Vienna. Everything began here for the native Carinthian in the early 2000s. Then as now, he is known for combining things that aren't necessarily associated with each other. He has always cared precious little about the rigid view of the taste police. And that is very well received.

The 1980s in his heart

His music has always led a peaceful coexistence between techno and Italian disco sounds with trashy Eurodance and occasionally sounds reminiscent of video game classics. Everything that sounds good, shoots from the hip, and keeps the party going is in demand. Not to be missed is the love for the warm sound of analog synthesizers, which proves that Wolfram is a child of the 1980s. This is also expressed on a textile level: the sweater fashion of the time caught his attention just as much as the Formula 1 racing suits of the time. He wears it well. After all, he also used to work as a model. Wolfram's approach, refreshing and undogmatic in every respect, has ultimately also hit it off among the industry's greats. The most prominent fan of Wolfram is the American music star Moby. He has also had himself remixed by Wolfram, just like the American disco kings Hercules and Love Affair. Wolfram's new album (released in September 2019) also bears witness to his considerable international networking.

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DJ-Set Wolfram Boiler Room Vienna

From Haddaway to Hurn

It carries, because of the funny wordplay, the high-musical title "Amadeus". On it can be heard the Canadian electro-provocateur Peaches as well as Vienna's best-known cloud-rap artist Yung Hurn. As already demonstrated on Wolframs' debut album released in 2011, there is once again a guest performance by the Eurodance icon Haddaway. The US rapper The Egyptian Lover is also to be found on "Amadeus". A cooperation with Pamela Anderson provides a special musical moment of surprise. This entirely inhomogeneous selection of guests is to be understood with total humor, just like the fancy-sounding album title. This has always existed deep in Wolfram's creativity. As do the places he chooses for his DJ-ing. In the mid-2000s, Wolfram was resident DJ of a party series that took place in an extremely tight space, with partying and dancing in a stairwell of the venerable MAK.

DJ and producer Wolfram wearing blue overalls in front of an orange car
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DJ and producer Wolfram with a bust of Mozart
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DJ and producer Wolfram in a vintage Formula 1 suit by the sea
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