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Out and about in Vienna’s sandwich universe

The classic Wurstsemmel (bread roll with sliced sausage) is the favorite lunchtime snack of Viennese locals. Anyone who goes into a supermarket at lunchtime will see lines at the sausage counter and hear orders for the most imaginative variations, packed into a bread roll or a pastry. Lukas Mraz, the Michelin-starred chef from the restaurant Mraz & Sohn and our host of the award-winning video series Hungry for More, tries to top that. He orders everything he needs to make his ultimate sandwich from the delicatessen counter at the gourmet supermarket Meinl am Graben. What will fit and work together in a sandwich is not just a question of taste, but also of space.

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Video with star chef Lukas Mraz on sandwiches in Vienna

We continue to Trześniewski, where Viennese sandwich culture has been celebrated for more than 120 years. Unfortunately, how the toppings are spread on the bread rolls by hand is a secret that not even Lukas Mraz is allowed to reveal. Here, the Michelin-starred chef is in the mood for vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. At Tatarie Marie, the emphasis is on small, artistically presented beef and veal tartare pralines, but here too Lukas Mraz tastes his way through meat-free versions.

From the 1st district, we head to the 10th district, a traditionally working-class district where Ferhat Yildirim sells his legendary kebabs. High-quality meat and oven-baked bread are his recipe for success, which is why people line up around the block for a kebab. And lastly, Lukas Mraz visits “Die Cafetière”, where Peggy Strobel – Lukas’ brother’s partner – serves the legendary Schinken-Käse-Toast (ham and cheese toastie) from Haus Mraz in a smart espresso from the 1950s. Lukas Mraz indulges in some of his childhood memories...

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Dorotheergasse 1
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Ferhat Döner

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Die Cafetière

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