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Vienna Tourist Board Netiquette

The Vienna Tourist Board is available on the various digital social media channels to supply you with the most important information for a trip to Vienna, provide tips, and inspire you to visit Vienna. To make our social media channels a pleasant and interactive place for you and us, we need your active cooperation! So before you start posting, please take a few moments to read through our most important rules, our netiquette.


Our key concern involves respectful and friendly behavior towards others. Everyone clearly has the right to express their opinion freely – but opinions have to be recognizable as such and justified with sound arguments. We look forward to constructive, stimulating contributions and discussions. So don't engage in provocations and be nice to one another!
Do you have a personal matter to discuss? Then feel free to write us a private message!


What will not be tolerated:

  • Hate speech, insults, debasement, discrimination, defamation, slander or slurs of any kind, or threats, incitement of violence or glorification of violence
  • Pornographic, sexist or obscene content, or content that is harmful to minors
  • Racist content or politically radical ideas (incl. calls for campaigns, demonstrations, rallies, etc.)
  • Disclosure of private and personal data or contents that infringe third-party rights (e.g. disclosure of images of people who have not explicitly consented to their disclosure, etc.)
  • Election and party advertising
  • Content that contains direct or indirect advertising for third-party products or other commercial content
  • Off-topic content (e.g. links to external websites without a reference to the topic, topics without a reference to the mission of the Vienna Tourist Board to represent the city's tourism interests)

We reserve the right to remove such posts/comments without explanation, to block people in the event of (repeated) violation of netiquette, and to report them to the platform operators.

Comments/posts that fall within the scope of criminal law may be reported to the police. Each user is personally responsible for the comments/posts they publish. The Wiener Tourismusverband does not accept any liability for this. We reserve the right to adjust this netiquette at any time at our discretion.

The Vienna Tourist Board is not a legislative authority but solely responsible for representing the city's tourism interests as a destination marketing and management organization of the City of Vienna.


Like so many other cities, Vienna also has its very own dialect which is often not at all easy to understand. To enable all users to read and discuss the posts, please write your opinions and comments in standard German or English wherever possible. We basically use the languages German and English on our social medial channels.

By the way: We essentially address people informally. If you'd like to be addressed formally, simply write to us in a formal style. We will respect that and modify our communication accordingly.

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