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A virtual way to marvel at Vienna

Do you want to get to know the oeuvre of Gustav Klimt from the comfort of your couch, or go on a tour through the vaults of the Capuchin Crypt (Imperial Crypt), where the Habsburgs lie buried? Nothing could be easier. Many museums and sights offer virtual tours and show you the glory of their collections online.

Be impressed by the paintings of Egon Schiele in the Leopold Museum. Dive into the centuries-old collections of the Albertina or pay an online visit to the Belvedere which hosts the world´s largest collection of Klimt´s paintings.

The Wien Museum opens its (virtual) doors to a very special museum visit. The museum has digitized its holdings in a project lasting several years. More than 67,000 objects can be clicked through on the website of the Wien Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (including the Weltmuseum Wien and Theatermuseum) offers a number of online experiences too. You can explore them here. The Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna is now showing important objects from its collection as 3D models - an innovative research project makes it possible.

You can also book an online tour through the impressive State Hall, situated at the Austrian National Library. Please register for the free tours in advance.

Virtual tours and collections

Virtual city tours in real time

Fancy a trip to Vienna? Virtual live city tours make it possible. Via Zoom, you can experience the city together with certified Viennese guides in real time. Find out more about the wide range of offers on the Virtually Vienna website.

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