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Sport and Fitness

Of special interest for all visitors are the sports events at which international gay and lesbian athletes pit themselves against one another. This has made the competition much more diverse.

The oldest and biggest LGBT sports association in Austria, Aufschlag Wien, is heavily involved in this. The Vienna Beach Trophy, the biggest gay and lesbian beach volleyball tournament in Europe, is held every year in August. The Vienna Valentine Swim Tournament is organized by the Kraulquappen every other year and takes place around Valentine’s Day.

Apart from Aufschlag, there is a host of other associations that aim to train gay and/or lesbian bodies in like-minded company. Marantana is dedicated to women’s volleyball. The Men on Tours head into the countryside around Vienna and even further afield to climb the highest peaks together. Dance enthusiasts organize the international Vienna Dance Contest in autumn. The women's dance club Resis.danse offers courses for dance-crazy women all year round.

Everyone who wants to stay in shape on holiday can visit one of the many fitness centers in Vienna. Particularly worth mentioning are all clubs of the low-cost Club Danube chain, the exclusive John Harris as well as the trendy clubs of BodyStyle. So hit the weights!

Many sporting kilometers can be covered on the Danube Island, in the Vienna Woods or on one of the local Viennese mountains.

And to unwind afterwards, we recommend heading to one of the saunas in Vienna.

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