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Bicycles on Trains

On most regional and long-distance trains you can take your bicycle along. For this, you will need a special ticket. It can be purchased for a price of 10 % of a full price ticket (2nd class) for the desired route (a minimum fee of €2 applies). In addition to this, you can also purchase weekly or monthly tickets for your bicycle. Folding bicycles in their folded state as well as (partially) disassembled and packaged bicycles can be taken along on any train free of charge, provided that they can be stored safely in the areas provided for hand luggage.

  • Regional bicycle transport: No reservation is possible when transporting a bicycle on a regional train (S-Bahn, regional train, Regionalexpress). Bicycles can therefore only be taken along if sufficient free spaces are available.
  • Taking bicycles on long-distance trains: Due to the limited number of spaces, a reservation must be made (against a fee) when taking bicycles along on long-distance routes (Railjet, Intercity, Eurocity, Euronight, express train). The reservation is available at a price of €3 (online) or €3.50 (ÖBB customer service / travel centre). Please note that tandems, recumbent bicycles and/or bicycle trailers can only be taken along in special baggage compartments. Reservations for this cannot be booked online.
  • The popular Biking International option costing from €12 is also available on international routes.
  • With the “Einfach-Raus” Simple Getaway Bicycle Ticket you can start your trip in groups of two to five persons each. Cost: total group ticket including bicycle transport: €44 for 2 people, each additional person (max. 5 people on one ticket) for a surcharge of €4; Applies in Austria on board local and regional trains operated by ÖBB and the Raaberbahn (R- and REX trains or express trains). Valid on the selected day: Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 am the following day. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: all day until 3 am the following day.

Bicycles as Baggage within Austria: "House to House Baggage Plus"

For longer train trips, the Austrian Federal Railway offers a "House to House Baggage Plus" service for bicycles. Your bicycle will be picked up where you are staying (at your hotel, for instance) and sent directly to your ultimate destination. This service should be requested at least two working days ahead, directly at the train station where you buy your ticket or by phone at tel. +43 05 17 17. Pick-up and delivery appointments are available Monday to Friday. The bicycle transport is only possible in connection with a train ticket. Price: €49 per bicycle.

Tel. +43 05 17 17
and in the brochure "Bicycle on Trains" (free of charge in all train stations).

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