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Parking in Vienna

A single short-stay parking zone requiring the purchase of a parking ticket came into force across almost the entire Vienna metropolitan area in March 2022. Parking for residents is possible only with a parking ticket or "Parkpickerl" permit. It's a good reason to leave the car behind and use public transport.  Whether for sightseeing, shopping or going to a restaurant – the subway trains, trams, and buses of Wiener Linien (urban transport companies) are quick and reliable.

Short-stay parking zones

Almost the entire Vienna metropolitan area is a short-stay parking zone, to which the following apply: 

  • Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (except public holidays)
  • Maximum parking duration is two hours
  • The parking zones are shown on the City of Vienna map

Different short-stay parking rules may apply in Vienna's shopping streets and additional signed can be found in such places.

Single-track vehicles like mopeds and motorcycles are exempt from the short-stay parking zone regulation.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets are available in paper form.

Parking ticket sales points

  • Tobacco shops
  • Cigarette machines
  • Filling stations
  • Post offices
  • Wiener Linien (Vienna Transport Authority) ticket offices
  • Wiener Linien ticket machines

Price for 30 minutes: €1.25

In the short-term parking zones, you must have a parking ticket from the first minute of parking onward, even for short stops to unload luggage, for example. Free, 15-minute parking tickets are available, which you can obtain in hotels, tobacconists, at Tourist Info offices or via Handyparken. The free 15-minute parking tickets may not be combined with other parking tickets.

The parking ticket must be completely filled out and placed in an easily visible place behind the windscreen. If several parking tickets are used at once, the same arrival time must be marked on each parking ticket.

Guests with physical disabilities need a parking permit pursuant to Art. 29b Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) 1960 (European parking permit) in order to enjoy unlimited parking in disabled parking spaces and in Vienna's short-stay parking zones. The permit must be placed in a visible location behind the windscreen. This also applies to people with disabilities traveling in the vehicle as passengers.

Please inquire at your accommodation provider about parking possibilities or ask for a daily parking ticket.

Parking for residents

Some districts have parking spaces specifically reserved for local residents, which can NOT be used with a valid parking ticket (penalties apply!). These zones are designated by no stopping/no parking signs with additional panels "excluding vehicles with a parking sticker for district xx and people with disabilities (wheelchair symbol)". Caution: The parking ban also applies on weekends and public holidays.

Park & Ride facilities and garages

When visiting Vienna, we recommend leaving your car behind and using public transport. Low-cost parking is available on the edge of the city at Vienna's Park & Ride facilities from €4,10 per day. All Park & Ride facilities are directly connected to a subway line, making it easy and convenient to reach the city center.

A dense network of garages (higher charges apply) is available in and around the city center. You can find an overview of all parking garages and multi-story car parks in Vienna at

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