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Former Gasometers

Apart from 615 modern flats and an events hall holding 4,200 people, the 22,000 m2 ground floor of the gasometer complex in the Vienna district of Simmering - once a heavily industrialised area - will also have a shopping mall with some 70 shops. Just eight minutes' away from the city centre (Stephansplatz) on the U3 underground line (station: Gasometer), this El Dorado offers sheer shopping pleasure in any weather. The gigantic size of this construction project is illustrated by the fact that Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel would easily fit into each of the four 75-metre high gasometers.

Guided Tour through the Vienna Gasometers
During guided tours, visitors to Vienna can learn everything they always wanted to know about the new architecture of the gasometers, the history of the gas works and alternate uses (from location for James Bond movies to rave events).
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Vienna's Gasometers

Guglgasse, Eyzinggasse, Döblerhofstraße
1110 Vienna

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