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Ticket purchases

You can purchase admission tickets directly from the organizer, from your travel agent or theater ticket agency or from the counter of Jirsa ticket agency at Tourist Info. (Jirsa also sells cut-price, last-minute tickets for individual events being held the same day between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm - sales only at the counter, no orders possible).

CAUTION: Please do not by any tickets from street vendors.

Ticket offices

Below is a selection of ticket outlets in Vienna, where you can purchase tickets for events in Vienna in advance in writing, by telephone or over the internet. Please note: Tickets are not sold in person at the respective agency addresses.
Ticket Express GesmbH – oeticket
Heumühlgasse 11, A-1040 Vienna
Tel. (+43 1) 960 96
Fax (+43 1) 585 23 23

Hütteldorfer Strasse 2f, A-1150 Vienna
Tel. (+43 1) 588 85

Lerchenfelder Strasse 12, A-1080 Vienna
Tel. (+43 1) 400 60-0
Fax (+43 1) 400 60-109

ATT-Reisebüro GmbH
Josefsplatz 6, A-1010 Vienna
Tel. (+43 1) 512 44 66
Fax (+43 1) 512 33 55

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