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Calea Dinner Club

Walking down into the underground Calea Dinner Club presents visitors with a spectacular sight. No less than an urban jungle is waiting for them here: large and artistically designed walls of moss bring nature indoors and are, of course, a real eye-catcher.

Food and dance

The Calea Dinner Club, situated right underneath the Hilton Hotel, extends over two levels. The dining here is elegant, the bar serves special cocktails, and at 10.00 pm the dinner floor regularly transforms into a dance floor, where the diners can dancer until the early hours of the morning. Live music provides the right sound.

The gallery offers the best view of the performances on stage and of the partygoers; food by the award-winning chef is also served here until 1.00 am.

Calea Dinner Club

Am Stadtpark 1
1030 Vienna

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