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A pleasurable start to summer

The Vienna Restaurant Week is one of the culinary highlights of the year and offers an ideal opportunity to get to know the wide variety of high-end dining the city has to offer. The Vienna Summer Enjoyment Week operates on the same principle. The approximately 50 participating restaurants with up to three toques offer multi-course gourmet menus for a fixed price.

The surprise menus cost €14.50 at lunchtime (for two courses) and €29.50 in the evening (for three courses). Restaurants with more than one toque can apply a surcharge of €10.00 for each additional toque in the evening and €5.00 for each additional toque at lunchtime.

Food from around the world is offered – it's like being on vacation. Restaurants involved include Lenz - Social Dining, Clementine im Glashaus, Das Spittelberg, Sakai, Patara, Ella's, Hansen, Motto am Fluss, and many others.

Vienna Summer Enjoyment Week

July 12-18, 2021
Reservations from July 1, 2021, at:

Outdoor dining
Restaurant Lenz in the Hilton Vienna Park © Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Dining garden at Palais Coburg
Clementine im Glashaus © Palais Coburg

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