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Giant Ferris Wheel

According to the unwritten rule for all visitors to Vienna, if you haven't done a round on the Giant Ferris Wheel, you haven't been in Vienna. The Giant Ferris Wheel was erected in 1897 to mark the 50th year of Emperor Franz Joseph's accession to the throne. It has been an enduring features of the city's skyline ever since. Situated right near the entrance to the Wurstelprater amusement park, its cabins offer wonderful views of the city and the Prater.

The diameter of the wheel is almost 61 meters, the entire iron structure weighs 430 metric tons. A colossus that's not in any rush: The wheel of the Giant Ferris Wheel turns at a speed of 2.7 km/h. This Viennese sight is the oldest ferris wheel of its type still in existence anywhere in the world. And famous throughout the world.

The Giant Ferris Wheel as a movie backdrop

The Giant Ferris Wheel has often played an important role in film classics like "The Third Man" (1949) with Orson Wells or in the James Bond adventure "The Living Daylights" (1987) starring Timothy Dalton. And Richard Linklater also shot scenes for "Before Sunrise" (1995) here. That's why the Giant Ferris Wheel was also placed on the list of Treasures of European Film Culture by the European Film Academy in June 2016. In recent decades, Vienna has generally developed into an extraordinarily popular filming location. Above all Hollywood really appreciates Vienna's backdrop.

© Wiener Riesenrad

Sightseeing for those without vertigo

Since May 2022, the Giant Ferris Wheel has served up a special attraction in the form of "Platform No. 9", although it does require a total lack of vertigo: On a specially constructed platform, Giant Ferris Wheel visitors looking for a special shot of adrenalin can enjoy an exciting feeling of height on an airy ride. "Platform No. 9" is a steel construction with a glass bottom. There are neither side walls nor a roof. In this way, secured only to harnesses, the daring can go on a unique high-altitude rush with sightseeing qualities. This action-packed offer can be booked on the website of the Giant Ferris Wheel.

A mighty amount of theater for the anniversary

This spectacular platform was constructed to mark the 125th anniversary of the Giant Ferris Wheel, which will be celebrated by means of great staging for a whole week from June 25, 2022. Here, in the truest sense of the word, a mighty amount of theater will be performed: Under the title "125 years of the Giant Ferris Wheel – 125 years of tangible history", the Giant Ferris Wheel celebrates its 125th birthday with the theater ensemble Nesterval, which has already been awarded the Nestroy, one of Austria's most important theater prizes. This unique theater experience dedicated to Giant Ferris Wheel history begins for visitors when they buy a ticket and lasts until after the ride on the Prater attraction. The Giant Ferris Wheel forecourt is also the showplace of this staging, like the Panorama Museum and, of course, the Giant Ferris Wheel itself.

Vienna Prater with Giant Ferris Wheel
© WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud

Kisses and the emperor

Fiction and reality blend in the figures and the visitors are invited to go on a playful journey into the world of the Giant Ferris Wheel and thus into the world of Austrian history. The first kiss can be just as much as topic as the proposal of marriage, and the emperor himself will be just as present as the newsboy or the famous writer. The visitors will also come across historical figures like Sigmund Freud, Romy Schneider, and Falco. The extent of the interaction with the performers is determined by the visitors. Everyone can take part in the experience, although they don't have to. All performers also speak English. This event is available on the opening day, June 25, between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm, and after that every day from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm until July 2. The staging is included in the price of the Giant Ferris Wheel ticket.

Experience history in the Panorama Museum

If you want to know everything about the Giant Ferris Wheel, head to the Panorama Museum in the entrance area of the Giant Ferris Wheel. Eight cabins based on the those of the Giant Ferris Wheel provide insights into the history of the Giant Ferris Wheel and of the Prater, and 2,000 years of Viennese history are also presented. Acoustic impressions with artistic and technical installations full of tricks convey Vienna's history in a very impressive way. And there also something special on the Giant Ferris Wheel itself: The cabins can additionally be booked for exclusive dinners, cocktail receptions and weddings. The Giant Ferris Wheel is open all year round.

To Prater Overview

Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad)

1020 Vienna
  • Vienna City Card

    • Your benefit with the Vienna City Card: -8%

      Additional information on the offer: Standard ticket price: 13,50€

  • Opening times

    • daily, 10:00 - 22:00
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • no steps (Automatic sliding doors200 cm wide)
    • Car parks Main entrance
      • Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        at parking garage Ausstellungsstraße
    • Further information
      • Seeing eye dogs allowed
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Comments

      Access to all exhibition rooms and to the restaurant / café: no steps.
      Ramp for wheelchair, all special wagons of the Ferris Wheel are suitable for extra wide wheelchairs.

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