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COVID-19 information

Current coronavirus regulations in Vienna

As of July 1, 2023 all coronavirus restrictions have been removed. This means:

  • You can enter Austria without documentary requirements or evidence (vaccinated - tested - recovered)
  • No restrictions on movement in the event of illness.

COVID testing

  • Many pharmacies (website in German) offer a COVID-19 testing service. Please contact your chosen pharmacy in advance by phone or e-mail to find out whether and what type of tests (PCR and/or antigen) will be performed.
  • Many private laboratories in Vienna still provide testing facilities for PCR and antigen testing. DermaCare (Morzinplatz 4, 1010 Vienna) and the COVID City Test Center (Zaunergasse 4, 1 floor, 1030 Vienna) provide fast results from PCR tests within a few hours.
  • Coronavirus tests are offered at the Health Center at Vienna Airport.
COVID test strips, onto which liquid is dripped
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Suspected infection

If you suspect you have been infected with coronavirus, please act as you would if you had contracted any other communicable disease: please stay in your accommodation and avoid crowds and public transport. Wearing a mask when interacting with other people is recommended. Wearing a mask when interacting with other people is recommended.

Telephone hotline: The free healthcare hotline 1450 offers medical advice around the clock, seven days a week.

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