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Tax free Shopping

This is how it works:

Ask the salesperson to fill out a taxfree form for you (name and foreign address must be completed) and to give you the envelope with a list of all refund points. The original invoice must be stapled to the tax-free form.

When leaving the country show your purchases to the customs authorities at the EU’s external borders or at the eValidation service counters at the Vienna International Airport, where your tax-free form will be stamped with a customs stamp or QR code to validate the export. No refund is possible without a (digital) customs stamp. If you are leaving the EU via Vienna International Airport you will be issued with a digital customs stamp.

The tax-free process has been completely digitalized at Vienna Airport. You can also carry out the digital export validation on your own smartphone in designated DEV areas. Manual forms are digitally validated, although tourists receive a physical presentation of the digital export validation in the form of a printout. More detailed information on the process

For further refund points in Vienna, see the websites of the taxfree providers:


After deduction of a handling fee by the tax-free provider, the refund amounts to up to 15% of the purchase price.

Digital refund: https://easy2.tax

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