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equestrian statue at Heldenplatz

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Woman on a bike, danube canal in the background
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Mobile Tourist Info (MoTI)

In June, the MoTIs will ride to various locations in the city between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm, from Thursday to Saturday:

  • Wien-Mitte (at the MAK) – Stadtpark – Karlsplatz – Naschmarkt - MuseumsQuartier – Mariahilfer Strasse – Lindengasse – Spittelberg – 25 Hours Hotel – Votivkirche – Donaukanal – Prater

Their numbers will be boosted from July, with four MoTIs touring the city between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm, from Wednesday to Saturday, until the end of September.

The stay at each stop lasts about 1 hour, but this varies upon request. If you're interested, you will have the opportunity to ask for information and tips about their location as a way learning about new aspects and lesser-known places of Vienna. The employees are also on hand during the ride to provide information. City maps and monthly programs as well as further free brochures are carried along on the cargo bike. Please note that hotel bookings and ticket purchases are not possible.

In addition to the red Tourist Infos, there's a MoTI decorated with a rainbow design to show how Vienna has developed into an important community hotspot in Central Europe and has lots to offer LGBT travelers.