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Walk through Vienna

Tour guide to take along

Very special city walks through Vienna can be found in the first edition of the route city guide – our brand-new printed brochure, route, shows you the best walks through the city and takes you to places full of pleasure, relaxation and, of course, Viennese charm – all without the need for a smartphone or the internet. It’s a convenient guide with thematically structured city walks that can be easily removed to carry along in your pocket. These give you a good introduction to Vienna’s most famous promenades and sightseeing routes. They also include insider’s tips on Sigmund Freud’s footsteps in Vienna, architecture that is unique to this city, and Red Vienna of then and now. The World's Fair Walk takes us to the former site near the Prater - today one of the most spectacular places in Vienna. Shopping and gastro tips on the respective routes bring enjoyment to the excursion. Shopping and gastronomic tips on the respective routes add pleasure to the excursion. You can get the new city guide free of charge at our tourist information offices. Shopping and restaurant tips along the routes add even more pleasure to the excursions. You can get the new city companion free of charge at our Tourist Infos.

Digital city tours

The digital counterpart to route is ivie, your personal Vienna guide. You can find city walking tours to special places in Vienna in the “Walks & Guides” section of the convenient app.

ivie for iOS

ivie for Android

Go on a journey of discovery through the city with ivie's various routes. Visit Viennese classics like the Prater, Schönbrunn, and other unique parks and gardens. Or explore the unusual like the quirky museums or highlights of Red Vienna. Discover routes by walking or by using Vienna's perfectly developed public transport system. As a special extra, ivie´s audio walks help you go on an audio journey through Vienna.

In addition to the wide range of information about Vienna, ivie also offers practical tips before and during the city tour. ivie can easily answer important questions such as “Where is the nearest drinking fountain?” or: “Where can I find the nearest restroom?” or: “How do I get back to my hotel?” Just save your personal sightseeing favorites and the hotel location before you even start your trip and plan your stay in Vienna from home.

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