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Ten Questions for ivie

How would you describe yourself, ivie?

I am a Vienna aficionado, curious, refreshing, an avid story-teller and mad about the quirky things in life. And I love Vienna.

Why do visitors to the city need to have you on their smartphone?

Because I want to surprise and inspire them, while showing them sights from a completely different angle.

How many sights, museums and other key places of interest in Vienna do you know?

Right now, I offer detailed descriptions on around 150 of them, and I’m adding more all the time. From the classics such as Schönbrunn and the Ringstrasse, to offbeat museums, glorious parks and bustling markets in all 23 of Vienna’s districts.

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Is there anything that locals can learn from you?

I have hundreds of bizarre facts up my sleeve, as well as a trove of what might at first glance look like useless information. How about a taster? It would take you almost four years to spend a night in every single one of the rooms at Schönbrunn Palace.

What is your secret tip?

A trip to Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district. Although small, this market takes some beating.

What features do you offer?

My Walks & Guides section contains city walks with different focuses, including a Beethoven Audio Walk, a Ringstrasse Walk and a Guide to Viennese Modernism. Anyone who wants more can turn on my ivie’s Tips feature to access an additional layer of information that comes to the surface when they are in the vicinity of one of my featured places or sights.

Do you have any other “hidden” extras?

For unlimited travel and lots of other perks, users can buy the Vienna City Card, our official visitor card, from me.

When is the ideal time for visitors to Vienna to download you?

Before travelling. The Favorites feature lets them curate their own list of personal highlights, while numerous videos and great pictures really bring the planning process to life.

Can you help me find bars and restaurants?

Of course! I’ve got the lowdown on hundreds of hospitality providers.

What is your favorite spot in Vienna?

I’d have to say that the views of the city from the Giant Ferris Wheel, the Danube Tower or the Gloriette touch me at the bottom of my heart.

Interview: Helga Gerbl

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